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The Head of Investment promotion agency of the Udmurt Republic  Rimma Byakova

Dear investors!

The strategic goal of state investment policy of the Udmurt Republic is the formation of demand and the most important for business development of conditions of conducting investment activity.

Investment attractiveness of the Republic determines the favorable geographical position, political stability, a developed financial infrastructure, availability of qualified personnel. Additionally.

We guarantee equal rights to engage in investment activities and provision of information necessary for making decisions about investing.

In the Udmurt Republic are created comfortable conditions for work and life.

We are waiting for you in the Udmurt Republic!

Capital .............


Administrative division ................

Sarapul, Votkinsk, Glazov, Mozhga summary - 5 cities 25 rural 11 urban-type settlements2119 rural settlements

The population ..........

~1500000 people Citizens - 65%
Rural - 35%

The Coat Of Arms Of Izhevsk

Economic potential

468,5 billion rub.

Gross regional product (2015)

6 position

In the group of regions with average level of socio-economic development
(Rating regions for the development of the investment environment, the RF Ministry of Economic Development)

350 billion rub.

attracted investments to the economy of over 5 years

Historical reference

The first plants in Udmurtia
were founded in XVII century





The main products of Udmurtia before the revolution




Livestock products

Geographical position


42 thous. km² This area of Denmark and Belgium combined,
0,25% from the territory of the Russian Federation


Kirov region, Perm Krai,
Bashkiria, Tatarstan


Moderate continental

Transport network

779 km


16 263 km


180 km


Federal highways:

Р242, Р320, Р321, Р322

«В» class airport — IzhAvia

River path with access to the Caspian, Black and Baltic Seas

Harbors ................. Kambarka, Sarapul

Training System




Professional Education

November 4, 1920 - the date of the beginning of the state of Udmurtia

Economic potential 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Gross regional product, rub.

205,6 billion

243,1 billion

230,9 billion

264,4 billion

318,7 billion

346,5 billion

397,7 billion

430 billion

468,5 billion

The growth rate in comparable prices










Key sectors of the economy

Statistics for the Russian Federation

  • 90% — manufacture of small arms
  • 80% — superconductors market
  • 30% — unmanned systems market
  • 20% — air components

statistics for the Russian Federation

  • 4


    on total gathering of agricultural products

  • 4


    for the production of flax

  • 8


    pork production

  • 9


    to develop a hard cheese


  • 50% — russian special steel and alloys
  • 20% — world zirconium products for the nuclear industry
Every day is produced in Udmurtia

45 tconfectionery

188 tbread and bakery products

46 tsausages

846 tdairy products

73 tcheese

2,6 mlneggs

Go to the description of industries:
Mechanical engineering and metal working
Forestry and woodworking

Forestry UdmurtiaTimber industry complex in the structure of the industry of the Udmurt Republic is 2.3%, in the structure of the manufacturing sector of the republic - 4,2%. Despite the insignificant share, the industry is socially significant in terms of employment and socio-economic development of forest villages.

The largest enterprises of timber industry complex is a group of companies "Uvadrev - Holding", JSC "Glazovskaya furniture factory" ZAOr MDNP "Red Star", JSC "Mozhginsky lesokombinat", LLC "Orion". The priority for socio-economic development of the Republic of Udmurtia and socially important for the municipality is the investment project "Uvadrev - Holding" LLC "Organization of the modern production of chipboard" implemented on a public-private partnership.

Agro-industrial complex
Construction and Housing

Dynamics of indicators of investment activity in SD

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Investments in fixed capital, rubles.

44,57 billions

53,54 billions

40,45 billions

51,15 billions

62,3 billions

64,2 billions

82,7 billions

89,8 billions

80,3 billions

Investments in fixed capital per capita, rubles.

29,03 thousand

34,98 thousand

26,48 thousand

33,6 thousand

41,0 thousand

42,3 thousand

54,49 thousand

59,2 thousand

53 thousand

The share of investments in the GRP UR










Investors Support Measures
  • Reducing the rate of corporate profits tax to 17-13,5% (in terms of budget allocations to the UR)
  • Exemption fr om property tax
  • It is subsidizing part of the cost of interest on loans and on leasing payments of the costs obtained for the implementation of investment projects
  • Budget allocations Investment Fund of the Udmurt Republic for the implementation of investment projects on public-private partnership
  • State guarantees
  • Delays, Hire purchase, tax credits, investment tax credits to pay taxes and other obligatory payments to be credited to the budget of the Udmurt Republic
  • The inclusion of investment projects into a single database of investment projects and grounds of the Udmurt Republic
  • Consulting, information organizational support
The main aims and objectives of the investment policy in the region
  • improvement of the legal regulation in the sphere of investment activity in the Udmurt Republic;
  • enhancing the effectiveness of existing regional infrastructure investment and the creation of its missing elements;
  • creating conditions for widespread use of public-private partnerships;
  • maintaining an investment-attractive image of the region, the promotion of the Udmurt Republic of the Russian and international investment market;
  • facilitate the preparation of highly qualified personnel in the field of investment;
  • determining ways to improve processes and conditions for attracting investments;
  • the creation and updating of a unified database of investment projects of the Udmurt Republic;
  • facilitating the implementation of cost-effective investment projects with high synergy effect for the various sectors of the economy, and (or) particularly important for the socio-economic development of the Udmurt Republic;
  • support and stimulation of investment activities in the Republic of Udmurtia.
Investment standards and national investment climate ranking
In late 2014, work began on the implementation in the Udmurt Republic the best practices of the National rating of the state of the investment climate in the Russian Federation.
Legislative basis for investors to support
As a result of investment project tenders for the right to receive tax benefits for 2005-9 months. 2015 winners were 150 investment projects of 95 organizations.
From 2006 to 2015 the right to 42 industry organizations were provided for subsidies in the amount of 160.3 million rubles for the implementation of 59 investment projects.
Public private partnership
  • «Organization of the modern production of chipboard»;
  • «The poultry complex for growing, slaughtering and processing turkey meat 6000 tonnes of live weight per year»;
  • «Construction of sports and recreation complex "Gulliver" in the October district of Izhevsk»;
  • «Construction of a sports complex in the village. Pirogovo»;
  • «Construction of a multifunctional sports center in the town of Sarapul»;
  • «On the establishment and operation of the arrangement of the elements of roads - fixed circuit complexes photos, video fixation of violations of traffic rules and the data center in the territory of the Udmurt Republic»;
  • «Tourism and recreation cluster "Kama shore" of the Udmurt Republic. stage I»;
  • «Reconstruction of the existing wastewater treatment plant Open Joint Stock Company "Udmurt Poultry» city Glazov, Udmurtia with an increase in capacity for 1100 cubic meters / day»;
  • «Organization of training and production center Car»;
  • «Creation of the Republican Center for Children and Youth innovative creativity in the city of Izhevsk»;
  • «Creation of nephrology and dialysis units on the territory of the Udmurt Republic»
In 2016 in the ranking of Russian regions for the development of public-private partnership Udmurtia took 13th place.
Information and organizational support to investors
Events and contests
Structure of investments in fixed capital by sources of financing (large and medium-sized organizations), million rubles













Investments in fixed assets - total

21779,0 28496,1 33054,0 25245,0 25729,8 41864,8 37578,8 51347,061594,253239,1


own funds of enterprises and organizations

3113,9 13141,1 16900,9 13465,7 14711,2 20610,3 23217,2 28048,730427,335746,2

attracted funds of enterprises and organizations

12665,1 15355,0 13153,1 11779,3 11018,6 21254,5 14361,6 23298,331166,917492,9

of them:

bank loans

1559,8 2216,7 2750,1 2599,8 3188,2 4037,1 1077,8 2456,52618,33422,3

borrowed funds of other organizations

473,5 818,4 889,9 712,9 679,2 947,5 759,5 2258,38049,13313,7

budget resources

5492,0 7849,6 9076,7 5846,5 4865,9 12409,8 9083,9 14714,114410,56634,9


892,9 4305,3 3325,7 2527,8 2252,9 3830,0 3264,3 3802,02297,42233,0

The total number of people employed in the sphere of small and medium-sized enterprises by the end of 2014:

According to the results of the Udmurt Republic in 2014 recorded:

about 331 thousand. people— all in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity without establishing a legal entity employing about 191.6 thousand people.

20 875 small businesses— the average number of employees amounted to 113.6 thousand. people;

214 medium-sized enterprises— more than 25.5 thousand people employed;

33 400 individual entrepreneurs.

Small Business Support Infrastructure

Small Business Support Fund

Udmurt State Fund for Small Business (UGFPMP)

Business incubators

«Republican Business Incubator»

Municipal budgetary institution "Glazov business incubator"

Business Incubator IzhSTU them. MT Kalashnikov

Strategic directions of socio-economic development of the Udmurt Republic:
  • electrical engineering
  • armaments
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • automotive
  • the formation of economic and financial mechanisms to support and stimulate innovation in the Udmurt Republic;
  • promoting innovation sector of the Udmurt Republic of highly qualified personnel;
  • increasing efficiency and further development of the republican infrastructure of support of innovative activity in SD;
  • organization of participation of subjects of innovative activity of the Udmurt Republic in the regional, national and international exhibitions, forums and conferences.
In 2014, 103 of a small business received the engineering services.
The total prize fund of competitive programs of the Fund in the territory of the republic was in 2015 about 200 million. Rubles.
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