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8 August took place the working group's visit in Vavozhskaya district


   8 Aug 2019 hosted the working group's visit in Vavozhskaya district.  In the composition of the working group included representatives of the Ministry of economy of the Udmurt Republic, JSC "development Corporation of the Udmurt Republic".

   CEl travel - visits to companies - "growth points" for the discussion of issues of development, identify problems and advise on the nature of the support provided by the Government of the Udmurt Republic and organizations that form the infrastructure of support of subjects of small and medium-sized businesses.

  during the visit, the delegation visited SHPK "collective Farm Kolos" and the Kolkhoz (SPK) im. Michurina, which have implemented investment projects on construction of new MTF. In addition, SHPK "collective Farm Kolos" opened a new production line for rapeseed oil.

  also, the delegation visited SP Zhumaev Z.,  which opened an additional workshop for the production of bakery and confectionery products. In plans at the businessman, the construction of slaughterhouse to expand the existing production of semi-finished products and sausages.


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