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Правительством Удмуртской Республики установлены льготные условия резидентам ТОСЭР при пользовании земельными участками, предоставленными в аренду без проведения торгов

The government of the Udmurt Republic established preferential conditions to residents of the ASEZ for the use of land, leased without competitive bidding

The government of the Udmurt Republic accepted the decision of 31.07.2019 № 326 "On amending resolution of the Government of the Udmurt Republic from 06 November 2007 № 172 "About the order of determining the rent for land plots owned by Republic of Udmurtia, and the land plots, state property is not delimited, leased without the auction", in accordance with which envisages the establishment of preferential rates for the use of land owned by the Udmurt Republic, and land plots, state property is not delimited, leased without auction, to residents of territories of advanced socio-economic development (TOSER), created on the territories of single-industry municipal entities in the Udmurt Republic for the period of building of objects socially-cultural and kommunalno-a household purpose, the implementation of major investment projects (0% from the moment of granting the status of resident TOSER).

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