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В Удмуртии при поддержке Правительства региона пройдёт первый этап крупнейшего рыболовного турнира Европы

In the Udmurt Republic with the support of the Governments of the region will be the first phase of the largest fishing tournament in Europe

stage of the tournament "Pro Anglers League", which is the largest fishing tournament in Russia and Europe, will be held June 27-28 in the waters of the river Kama, with start and finish in Sarapul.

At the start there are 30 the best teams (each comprising two people) from all over Russia and CIS countries. Presents crews from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Smolensk, Saratov, Kaluga, Ryazan, Rostov, Chelyabinsk regions, the Udmurt Republic, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Udmurtiya and, in particular, the city of Izhevsk, will be represented by three teams.

As explained by Dmitry Solodkiy, regional co-organizer of the event, "Pro Anglers League" is one of two key national tournaments for sport fishing. Founded six years ago by the League of professional anglers. Distinctive features – technical level of the participants (speed boats with a capacity of up to 300 HP), a virtual audience of up to 1 million people (online broadcast with tens of videogamer), a significant prize Fund per year to 2.5 million rubles, a particular phase – 1 million rubles. The prize Fund is distributed among the crews of the first five yachts: 500 thousand rubles for the best score, 100 thousand – for the fifth best in the group.

"Every year the tournament is held in three stages, each of which are struggling Russian regions. The right to take the first stage of 2017 received Udmurtiya. It is the recognition that in addition to the basic natural and water resources in the Republic begins to form the infrastructure of the event and sports tourism," said Dmitry Solodkiy.

According to the regulations of the arrival and accommodation of athletes in Sarapul will start from 23 June – before the official start of the competition crews have the opportunity for a few days of training.

26 June at 12.00 the official opening of the competition (a collection of bot-caps, the draw for the start of training)

June 27 at 7: 00 will start and finish at 16.00 first round.

June 28, at 7: 00 starts the second round. The finish of the second round will be held the same day at 16.00. At 18.00 hours will be summarized, and the winners will be the official closing of the tournament.

All the official stages of the tournament will be broadcast online on the website of the League of professional anglers, media Udmurt Republic.

After the close of the tournament during the six days on the territory of Udmurtia will continue the work of a film crew making a film about Kama, nature, fauna – with a new season of films about Russian fishing on the TV channel "Hunter and fisherman".

the Acting Chairman of Government of Udmurtia Viktor Savelyev supported the initiative of the organizers of the tournament.

"The tournament is a way to promote a healthy lifestyle and development of natural potential of the Russian regions. Here is the right sports principle "catch and release" that allows to save a river fish population. Udmurtia is also an opportunity to tell the real lovers of fishing and outdoor activities, to an audience of millions about how beautiful and rich Kama, one of the most picturesque plots from Votkinsk to the Nizhnekamsk reservoir", - said Viktor Savelyev at a meeting with the organizers of the event.


A multi-stage tournament "Pro Anglers League" is organized by OOO "Liga Professional Fishermen" and "Company of the Ministry of foreign Affairs". Tournament - a competition for sports fishing of predatory fish by spinning from boats. 'Official page of the Tournament in the Internet and

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